"REBOOTING ETHICS: Avoiding ethical missteps slowing down progress"
Bellagio (Come, IT) April 18-22, 2017


The conference “Rebooting Ethics” aims to:


  • INITIATE an informal, multidisciplined discussion on emerging technologies

  • ANALYZE the socio/political/legal consequences

  • REVAMP old ethical norms

We are facing an era of exponentially growing technologies, a possible world populated by ageless, biomechanical individuals. A phase where rapid technological progress will help us solve many of humanity’s grand challenges—energy, education, water, food, and health—while simultaneously posing new ones—relationships with thinking machines, new forms of bioterrorism created by synthetic biology, or the end of privacy, to name a few.


That exponential growth means we will experience progress at mammoth speed in the twenty-first century. Within a few decades, machine intelligence could surpass human intelligence, leading to technological change never before witnessed in the history of humankind. Soon, these advances could result in the merging of biological and non-biological intelligence, software-based immortal humans, and sentient artificial entities.


This epic change poses significant ethical questions. Will a new dimension of “humans” emerge? What about the perceptions of human dignity, morality, and autonomy? Will these perceptions survive in their entirety? If we alter the brain to amplify intelligence, are we still human? If we develop embryos in artificial conditions outside of the womb, does it make us inhuman?


We don’t want to slow down our evolution. We want to befriend technology, not run scared from its developments, but we need awareness. We need confrontation. We need debates. “Rebooting Ethics” wants to trigger these needed debates that will help shape the code of ethics for the new millennium.



(Images: Shutterstock)